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Next Mercedes-Benz GLA will show face in December

It'll be taller, roomier but shorter, actually.

Mercedes-Benz GLA teaser
Don't be surprised if it looks like a jacked up A-Class sedan

The smallest SUV in Mercedes-Benz's lineup is in for a new generation. The new GLA, which is honestly more of a tall hatchback than crossover SUV, will make its debut on Dec. 11, the luxury brand said on Monday.

This won't be a massive in-person event, however. Parent automaker Daimler said this will be a totally digital reveal that will even include augmented reality in some way. This ties in with some sort of AR capability in the GLA, Mercedes-Benz confirmed in the announcement.

Mercedes-Benz GLA teaser

Still more of a raised up hatch, but it should look good nonetheless.


As for what to expect from the new GLA, look for it to take its face from the new A-Class sedan that's now on sale in the US. The A-Class serves as the entry point into the Mercedes-Benz brand, but the GLA is far more important. Why? Because it'll be marketed as an SUV. Americans still can't get enough utility vehicles.

With that noted, the German luxury brand said it worked hard to give the next GLA more of an SUV look compared to the hatchback on stilts design of the current model. Other photos of the new model camouflaged beg to differ. Other small details shared include the fact this new vehicle will be taller (about 4 inches taller), boast more legroom inside and also measure in slightly shorter overall.

Mercedes-Benz GLA teaser

Lots of A-Class sedan up front.


Obviously, Mercedes-Benz wants to save the good details for the debut, but it provided a few other bits of info ahead of time. The GLA will include a comprehensive package of active safety features that bundles automatic emergency braking, lane-keep assist and pedestrian detection.

Anyone can watch the pint-size Mercedes debut next month online. Look for it to go on sale later next year.

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