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Mercedes-AMG's new C63 is here to shred tires and frighten lesser cars

The next generation of C63 has made its world debut at the New York International Auto Show, and it's as absurd and lovable as ever.

With all the recent C-Class updates coming from Mercedes-Benz, it was only a matter of time before the all-conquering C63 made its debut, and that time is now.

The entirety of the C63 family is making its world debut at the New York Auto Show, and while it's not a total redesign, it is getting some pretty solid updates. Back again is the much-loved and infinitely configurable hand-built 4.0-liter hot-vee turbocharged V8, producing either 469 or 503 horsepower, depending on how many of your hard-earned dollars you're willing to give the folks from Stuttgart.

Make no mistake, the C63 has been eating its spinach and is ready to flex all that hand-built turbocharged German muscle.


"The AMG C-Class is our best-selling model series and therefore a key cornerstone of our company's success of recent years. We have therefore increasingly expanded our C-Class offer: customers can now choose between twelve models from the C-Class family globally. As part of the latest facelift, we have upgraded all variants of the model series even more substantially," says Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. "This relates to the 43-series models and especially, of course, to the AMG C63. The perfected driving dynamics and expressive design underscore the powerful, muscular character of the rear-wheel drive icon."

The new C63 gets a redesigned AMG-only steering wheel and an optional digital dash.


The only available transmission is the AMG Speedshift MCT-9, but that's OK because it's a pretty cool box. Instead of a torque converter, the transmission uses a wet clutch (a clutch bathed in oil) to start off. This means it's longer-lasting and smoother. Also, nine gears mean you hopefully won't be getting a Christmas card from OPEC thanking you for all your fuel purchases.

The C63 will hit dealers in the classic trinity of a sedan, coupe and convertible. As one might expect, the C63 gets a whole heap of exclusive AMG touches including a special, optional digital dashboard and a brand-new AMG-specific steering wheel.

The exterior is about as muscly as you'd hope with flares and bulges and splitters, etc., and we fully expect it to have an exhaust note that resembles Tom Waits, a late-stage Kathleen Turner and "Gran Torino"-era Clint Eastwood all calling a charity auction. Mercedes is keeping pricing under wraps until we get a little closer to the on-sale date, which should happen sometime in early 2019.