Mercedes-AMG G65 recalled for high-speed rollovers in reverse

Don't attempt any J-turns until you've had this recall addressed.

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In the meantime, try to keep your reversing to below 16 mph, I suppose.

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Did you know that the 621-horsepower Mercedes-AMG G65 SUV has a limiter on how fast it can go in reverse? Neither did I, until it became the focus of a new -- and wild -- recall.

has issued a recall for approximately 20 examples of the 2017 Mercedes-AMG G65. The affected vehicles carry build dates between Sept. 6, 2016 and Oct. 10, 2016.

The problem involves driving in reverse, which is your first clue that it's kind of a weird quirk. Evidently, the vehicles in these build dates don't have the proper speed limiter in reverse. Thus, if an affected vehicle accelerates above 16 mph in reverse and makes an abrupt steering input, the vehicle has a chance of rolling over, which drastically increases the risk of injury.

No, Mercedes engineers (or customers) were not whipping J-turns, encountering the problem by happenstance. Rather, Mercedes blames the problem on "a documentation error in the development process." Incorrect ECU software may have been used, leading to the lack of a reverse speed limiter. A fix was issued to vehicles built following the dates above, so those vehicles lack the issue in question.

Fixing the problem is as simple as returning to the dealership, where technicians will add the correct software to the G65's computer free of charge. Owners should start receiving notifications via first-class mail this month. In the meantime, keep the Fast & Furious antics to a minimum.

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