McLaren's new supercar will be impressively quick

It'll hit 124 mph in 7.8 seconds. Some cars take that long to go half as fast.

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McLaren Automotive

's been rolling out tidbits of information on its brand new supercar, which will debut in Geneva. Just a couple weeks before the show, we're finally getting some performance figures.

McLaren still doesn't have a name for its car (some say 720S), nor do we know what sort of figures its 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 will produce. But it did announce that its car will launch itself to 124 mph in just 7.8 seconds. That's as long as it takes some cars to hit 60.

McLaren Geneva Engine Teaser
Enlarge Image
McLaren Geneva Engine Teaser

Lights in the engine bay? I can't believe it took McLaren this long to come up with that.

McLaren Automotive

The pull doesn't stop there. McLaren claims its new supercar will be able to run a quarter mile in just 10.3 seconds, which is damned quick for a completely stock sports car. For comparison's sake, that's 0.1 seconds quicker than a McLaren 650S, and 0.2 seconds quicker than a Porsche 911 Turbo S or Lamborghini Huracan. Yipes.

While it's screaming its way to its top speed, it's going to literally scream. McLaren's latest teaser also talks up its exhaust system, which it promises will "match the extreme performance of the engine," so it's probably going to be loud. Owners can make it even more insane with an optional sports exhaust, which your neighbors will be sure to love on cold mornings.

There's also engine bay illumination that kicks in when the car is unlocked, because of course there is.

McLaren's latest sports car, which kicks off a complete reinvention of its Super Series lineup, will debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 7.

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