McLaren Vision Gran Turismo concept is the most hardcore Macca yet

Hopefully, there's a bit of future product hidden away in there.

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Bugatti gave us a very good look at the Chiron before its official unveiling by way of its Vision Gran Turismo concept. If is doing the same thing, well, color us very excited for the upcoming three-seat hypercar.

The McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo is a concept created specifically for the PlayStation 4's Gran Turismo Sport, the latest racing game from the GT franchise. McLaren claims this car gives us a hint as to its design and technological aspirations through 2030, and looking at it, I'd believe it.

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That front lip looks like it could slice through any material short of concrete.


The seating position isn't anything like a modern hypercar -- the driver will lay flat on his or her stomach, piloting the vehicle that way. It doesn't sound very intuitive, which is fine, because it's a video game.

As with McLaren's latest hypercar, the P1, the Vision Gran Turismo concept is a hybrid. Powering the rear wheels is a 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V8, while electric motors provide juice to each front wheel. Net output is a meaty 1,134 horsepower and 940 pound-feet of torque.

McLaren didn't give any performance specifications beyond output, but it's safe to assume that it will haul all the ass you imagine it will, and then some, considering its curb weight is a scant 2,200 pounds. Yes, you read that right -- it weighs less than a Miata, but it has more than 1,100 horsepower.

In order to keep the shiny side up, the Vision Gran Turismo concept is loaded with aerodynamics. Tiny apertures around the body can open and close to create drag or downforce exactly when and where it's needed. The brakes are mounted centrally, which reduces unsprung mass.

The McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo will be available when Gran Turismo Sport launches on the PS4 on October 17, 2017.

McLaren creates new hypercar concept just for Gran Turismo Sport

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