McLaren to bring bespoke models and a surprise to Geneva

Along with unveiling a new model, the British automaker will roll out two very slick customized performance cars.

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Andrew Krok

One of the best parts of the Geneva Motor Show is the unveiling of supercars that most American auto shows would love to have happen over here. McLaren's got one of those on deck for this year's Swiss show, but it's also bringing some very unique metal that we've already seen, albeit in different forms.

Coming from McLaren Special Operations' Bespoke division are two special variants of a McLaren P1 and a McLaren 675LT Spider. The P1 sports a fully visible carbon-fiber body, which has been tinted blue. While it's been available to customers, it's the first time the public will get the chance to see one without knowing an owner. It's also rocking a few other upgrades -- namely, a 24-karat-gold exhaust heat shield similar to the one in the old McLaren F1.

The 675LT Spider was unveiled awhile back, but Geneva will mark the car's first debut in public. The specific model on display will utilize several Bespoke upgrades, including a unique gray paint job, additional carbon fiber bits and, again, 24-karat-gold heat shielding.

As for the surprise that McLaren has in store, it only promises that we'll be seeing a "still-to-be-announced" additions to the brand's Sports Series, which covers its more "affordable" offerings. Something tells us it won't be a competitor to the Chevy Cruze.

McLaren's Geneva offerings are exercises in excess (pictures)

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