Mazda shows off a concept SUV in Moscow

Mazda releases sketches of its new SUV concept car ahead of its debut at the Moscow Auto Salon.

Wayne Cunningham Managing Editor / Roadshow
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Wayne Cunningham

Mazda's new SUV concept
Mazda's new SUV concept uses its Nagare design language. Mazda

Over the last auto show season, Mazda demonstrated its new Nagare design direction with a whole series of concept cars, named Nagare, Ryuga, Hakaze, Taiki, and Furai. Now the company is seeing how one of these low-slung cars would look at SUV height. The new concept SUV will be shown off at the Moscow Auto Salon from August 29 to September 7. Mazda chose a compact SUV concept for this show because SUVs are popular in Russia's growing car market. Mazda only released sketches of its concept. These sketches indicate a design close to the original Nagare concept, with a similarly low cabin and pointed hood. The flowing lines on the sketches body are in keeping with the previous concepts.