Mazda aims for 5% electric car sales by 2030

The automaker will electrify all of its models in some form by then.

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is the latest automaker to set ambitious goals for the sales of full-electric cars. The automaker said today that it believes that five percent of all its car sales will be made up of battery-electric models by 2030. The goal falls under the company's "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030" strategy. Today, Mazda doesn't sell any electric vehicles.

Mazda CX-5 grille

This matches up with our previous reporting that Mazda plans to introduce a mild hybrid and a battery-electric car in 2019, with a plug-in hybrid following sometime after that.

While few details have been revealed so far, Mazda said in a news release that it aims to sell battery-electric cars in regions with "a high ratio of electricity from clean energy sources." The automaker plans to launch two EVs in the coming years: One will be a full-electric model, with a battery as the only power source. Reports suggest that model could be a crossover co-developed with Chinese automaker Changan Automobile Group. It's rumored to debut in 2019.

The second model will be an electric model with a compact rotary engine included as a range-extender. Mazda confirmed the return of the rotary in this capacity earlier this year, and said in today's release that the rotary's "small size and high power output" make it ideal for use as a range-extender. The engine will also be designed so it can run on liquefied petroleum gas, and in addition will be able to operate as a power generator in emergencies.


The rotary engine will return, but only as a range-extender for a new electric vehicle.


In addition to the battery-electric models, Mazda will include some form of electrification in all its production cars from 2030. That could mean mild hybrids , full hybrids or plug-in hybrids. And it matches commitments from many other automakers, like , to electrify all future models. But Mazda clearly expects these electrified models to be the more popular vehicles than battery-powered cars, as it expects 95 percent of sales in 2030 will still use "internal combustion engines combined with some form of electrification."

Mazda has said publicly that it is working to reduce its well-to-wheel carbon dioxide emissions by 90 percent by 2050. In addition to these plans for electrified and electric cars , the automaker will introduce SkyActiv-X engines, which use diesel-like compression ignition with gasoline to dramatically boost fuel economy in new cars.

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