New Mazda CX-50 SUV will debut Nov. 15, teases off-road performance

Mazda says there's "always a new terrain," and the CX-50 may help it discover just that.

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Sean Szymkowski
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Check out the video below for the teaser because Mazda didn't give us any photos.

Jon Wong/Roadshow

We're approaching a new Mazda SUV reveal, everyone. On Monday, the Japanese automaker issued a teaser on Twitter for its new CX-50 SUV. This will be a brand-new model based on the company's small car platform and related to the CX-30 and Mazda3

Really, the teaser does just that: teases the SUV. We don't even get a good, hard look at the car in any way during the short video attached to the tweet. We can simply make out the new vehicle motoring along on a dirt trail of sorts from the viewpoint of someone watching from the trees above. From the way Mazda's approaching this, it sounds the CX-50 will try and tackle a little more off-road credibility than some Mazda SUVs before it.

You might think the CX-50 will be an outright replacement for the CX-5. Well, it's not. Instead, Mazda continues to consistently update the CX-5 as an entry-level model, while its new double-digit nomenclature SUVs introduce all the real new stuff. The CX-50 kicks things off before we're treated to a new CX-70 and a CX-90 to replace today's CX-9. The CX-70 and CX-90 will introduce turbocharged inline-six engines with plug-in hybrid powertrains with new platforms to boot.

The CX-50 starts the party off, though. We'll learn all about it when Mazda's ready to show us the whole shebang on Nov. 15. Stay tuned.

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