Mansory's modified Bentley Bentayga might violate the Geneva Convention

This feels like a war crime of some sort.

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Mansory Bentley Bentayga

Mansory is known for taking beautiful supercars and making them worse by adding egregiously gaudy body kits and replacement parts, turning them into mere caricatures of their former selves. Its latest creation, based on the Bentley Bentayga, is no different.

Whereas the stock Bentayga is an exercise in somewhat sedate luxury, the Mansory variant practically screams in your face as it throws money out the window. The body features wider fender flares, a way-too-aggressive front fascia and a carbon fiber rear diffuser covering some fancy new exhaust tips. Since more LEDs are always (read: never) welcome, Mansory added more running lights to the front end, as well.

Because the Bentayga is now apparently a racecar, it's sporting a big ol' wing atop the rear hatch and enough air vents to supply a whole office building with oxygen. 23-inch wheels are on offer, too, because in this world, bigger wheels are better. The wheels are allegedly designed to keep the brakes cool, because, again, this is a racecar now.

The interior is, thankfully, left alone for the most part. Or at least it looks left alone. New leather surfaces are pretty tasteful, and there are a few Mansory-labeled bits inside, like the carbon fiber doorsills. What's unforgivable, though, is the new steering wheel, which looks like it melted partially before being affixed. I can't imagine a universe where that's comfortable.

Mansory also tweaked the Bentayga's V12 engine, and there's nothing to complain about in that regard. Power is up from 600 horsepower and 664 pound-feet to an alleged 691 horsepower and 773 torques. If you have more dollars than sense and are intrigued to learn more about this car, you can see it in person at the SEMA aftermarket trade show next month.

Mansory's Bentley Bentayga is one expensive eyesore

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