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Mad Max: Fury Road vehicles are going to auction, all shiny and chrome

If you've got the scratch, your friends can witness you riding the Fury Road in any of 13 movie cars.


Hopefully you have enough Guzzolene to keep your War Boys and their rigs on the Fury Road.

Warner Brothers

When Max Max: Fury Road came out in 2015, it blew the minds of pretty much anyone who saw it. Aside from being a relentless, near-perfect action film, it also featured some of the most insane automobiles ever made, most of which we wished we owned. 

Now, if you've got the cash, you can own 13 of the vehicles that survived the notoriously brutal production because auction house Lloyds is offering them as a collection, announced on Thursday. The War Rig, the Doof Wagon, the Gigahorse and Nux's car are among the included cars. Even better, they'll ship the vehicles anywhere in the world.

The cars from the film came from the mind of production designer Colin Gibson who has worked with the film's director George Miller on several projects, including Babe. Miller set out requirements for the look of everything in the movie, which included everything needing to have multiple uses. Gibson took this ethos and, in turn, described it to Deadline in 2016 as "three-fifths of fuck-all posing as a Swiss Army Knife." The results speak for themselves.

In total, Gibson created 150 vehicles for the film, 88 of which were considered "final cars" that ended up on-screen. Many of the vehicles in the production were meant to be destroyed in specific ways, and some were only partially functional. For example, some, according to a 2015 story by Bloomberg, only went in reverse.

It's not clear what condition the 13 vehicles being auctioned off are in, whether they're drivable or not, but let's face it, it seems pretty unlikely that you're going to get the War Rig registered for the road anywhere outside of the apocalypse, so maybe it's a moot point.

The auction ends on Sept. 26.

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