Lotus to move some production to China, expand model lineup

Everyone's favorite plucky lightweight sports car company is fixing to get a lot bigger.

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The company that gave us Driftmas will be moving some of its production to China and possibly expanding its model range.


It looks like will be expanding production from its factory in Norfolk to China, according to a report published Thursday by Automotive News Europe

British-built Lotuses haven't historically represented the last word in quality construction, so the Geely factory in China building the cars could be a boon for quality.

Geely bought a majority stake in Lotus in 2017 but has, until this point, been a mostly hands-off owner though it has rekindled plans to expand Lotus' lineup to include more luxurious cars and even -- GASP -- SUVs.

The new factory in China's Hubei province cost the company approximately $1.3 billion, and while it's not yet clear how much of the factory's estimated 150,000-car-per-year capacity the expanded Lotus line would use, we're betting it will be a lot more than the paltry 1,630 cars Lotus sold in 2018.

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