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Lotus Exige becomes ninja for Tokyo Motor Show

Lotus' Exige Scura special edition will be clad from bumper to bumper in matte black paint.

Blink and you'll miss the Lotus Exige Scura.
The Lotus Exige Scura: Why you'd give an Italian name to a British sports car is beyond me. Lotus

Spectators at the Tokyo Motor Show could be forgiven for missing this stealthy special edition of the Lotus Exige, dubbed the Exige Scura (sold in Japan as the Exige Stealth). "Scura" means "dark" in Italian, a fitting monikers as the tiny track star is covered from bumper to bumper in matte black paint.

Contrasting with the matte-finish are high gloss "Phantom Black" triple stripes running the length of the car and glossy carbon fiber parts (including a front splitter, oil cooler inlet vanes, side air scoops, and the rear spoiler). The black on black color scheme lends an ominous look the already insect-like Exige that we really like. If a standard Exige is a like a samurai on the track, the Scura is definitely a sneaky, sneaky ninja.

Although you'll pay extra for the matte-finish on this special edition, the dull finish is a fragile one. Reading the fine print at the bottom of the news release, we noticed that Lotus is only offering a 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty on the finish, so you'll need to be careful.

Inside, the Scura continues the dark theme with extensive use of glossy carbon fiber, anodized anthracite metal finishes, and dark fabrics.

Exige Scura interior
The Scura features extensive carbon fiber in the cabin, but that's almost to be expected from a Lotus. Lotus
Lotus Exige Scura from the back
Standard on all Exiges is the near-total obliteration of rearward visibility. Lotus

Aside from fancy paint, the Exige Scura also benefits from the addition of launch control, variable slip traction control, and Ohlins two-way adjustable dampers. So, there's some additional performance to be wrung from this premium priced edition.

Thanks to the Exige's low weight, metrics such as 256 supercharged horsepower and 4.1 seconds to 62 mph can live in harmony with figures such as 27.6 mpg (EU cycle) and 199 grams per kilometer of CO2.

The Lotus Exige Scura will be unveiled at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show and will be available for order in Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Malaysia as early as in October 21, 2009. Pricing will vary from market to market, ranging from $76,000 to $92,000.