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Lime pedals into UK with electric bikes instead of scooters

It's also starting off in a much smaller city than London.

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Lime bikes are available in Milton Keynes, England, starting Tuesday.

Raymond Boyd / Getty Images

Lime is bringing micro-mobility to the UK, in the form of electric bikes.

The e-bikes, which are equipped with a 250-watt motor and a rechargeable lithium battery, are available in Milton Keynes starting Tuesday, the US company said.

You can find and unlock the bikes using Lime's app, with an initial charge of £1 ($1.28) and 15 pence (19 cents) per minute after that.

The startup is better known for its electric scooters, but those are illegal on Britain's roads, Reuters noted. The recent rise of e-scooter companies, which are getting millions in venture capital funding, has created challenges for cities in the US.

Milton Keynes, a city of about 220,000 that's 55 miles north of London, has previously tested self-driving cars and delivery robots.

"We're excited to provide residents and visitors to Milton Keynes with a healthy, accessible and emission-free way to get around town," said Jaanaki Momaya, Lime UK's general manager. "This is a dynamic city at the forefront of transport innovation, and we're thrilled to add electric bicycles to that list."

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