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Lexus UX heads to Geneva with small footprint, big style

Who doesn't love tiny little tail fins?


Lexus loves a weird concept, but rarely do they translate perfectly to production. The UX concept was definitely strange, and now it's time to see just how much of that funk will make its way to dealerships.

Lexus will unveil a production version of the UX small SUV at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show in March. Lexus didn't offer any details along with the announcement, just a teaser video and image that shows a body-width taillight design with little tail fins at each end. Tail fins! In the 21st century!

Our friends at Motor1 screwed with the teaser image's brightness and found a UX 250h badge hiding in the darkness, which means there will be at least one hybrid variant of the UX when it hits dealers.

While Lexus already has a small-ish crossover with its NX, the UX should be a bit smaller and will be designed to compete with the Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class and BMW X1. I wouldn't expect any of the truly wacky stuff to make it to production, and here's hoping that Lexus decides to tone down the grille, which comprised most of the concept's front end. Lexus... enjoys doing that for some reason.

The UX won't be the only new Lexus in Geneva -- for Europeans, that is. It will also show off the three-row RX L and the LF-1 Limitless concept that debuted in Los Angeles and Detroit, respectively.