Lexus is considering building its first F-branded hot crossover

Lexus execs have hinted that it could be a breathed-upon UX with a more potent hybrid drivetrain.

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Imagine this but lower, faster and, uhh F-ier?

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' F performance sub-brand hasn't always resonated with buyers and enthusiasts in the way that brands like BMW's M or Mercedes' AMG have, but that doesn't mean that Lexus won't be considering rolling the dice again on a fast F-branded crossover, according to a report published on Monday by Motor1.com.

Lexus executives talked about the possibility during a media event in Florida for the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, with the UX's VP and Chief Engineer Chika Kako talking about that platform's suitability for the task of going fast with a high-powered hybrid drivetrain. The UX-F would have to gain a lot in its transition to be viewed as real competition for things like BMW's X2 M35i or Mercedes' GLA45 AMG.

The most recent addition to Lexus' F line is the refreshed RC-F coupe, which, in all fairness, seems to have gained some actual performance cred over its previous incarnations. The 2020 model gets shorter rear-axle gearing, and the Track Edition loses nearly 60 pounds of weight while gaining more aggressive aero. We haven't driven it yet, but on paper, it could prove to be the business.

If this more aggressive is a sign of a shift in thinking for the F brand, then maybe the UX F or whatever form this hypothetical new performance crossover takes will actually be fun, though we're not holding our breath.

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