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Lexus Quarterback Safety System+ protects the passer like no tackle can

It's not real, of course, but the video is pretty funny.


Taking a hard hit as a quarterback cannot possibly feel good, which is why Lexus adapted its automotive safety tech to make the passer as close to untouchable as possible. Something tells me an airbag system isn't legal in the Big Game, though.

As football season stretches to its inevitable conclusion, Lexus has a new video showcasing its clever (and entirely fake) Lexus Quarterback Safety System+. QBSS+, as it's called, is a suite of technologies designed to prevent the quarterback from being roughed up, as seen in the video below.

There's a blind-spot monitoring system that tells the quarterback when to, as Lexus puts it, "fall into a fetal position." A 360-degree camera beams top-down camera views into the quarterback's helmet to figure out where to pitch the ball to avoid a sack. The Scramble Maps system tells the QB where to slide and end the play. As you can tell, there aren't a whole lot of systems in QBSS+ to help the passer, you know, complete a pass.

It gets even more absurd from there. A built-in Boo Dampening system drowns out negative feedback, converting it to cheers that protect the quarterback's "vulnerable ego," as Lexus puts it. Finally, there's a seven-airbag system built into the QB's equipment, making sacks just a bit more comfortable for all involved. I have to admit: Matt Leinart, who's featured in the video, must have a pretty good sense of humor, considering the video is basically one giant dig at quarterbacks in general.

Of course, there's an automotive tie-in. Lexus is using this video to pimp its new UX crossover, which has a bevy of standard safety systems that QBSS+ adapts with extra football flavor. But since talking about a car is less fun than riffing on quarterbacks, we'll just direct you to our latest Lexus UX review if you want to actually learn about the car.