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Lexus teases us with the LY 650 yacht because boats are cool, I guess?

The yacht will join the Lexus flagship vehicle lineup and be built in Wisconsin by Marquis-Larson.

I'm no boat expert, but this actually seems pretty cool. Not Miami Vice Scarab cool, but cool nonetheless.

Lexus is building a boat. Yeah, that's as weird as you think, but aside from being a basically pointless exercise and a surefire way to light money on fire, it's also pretty cool.

To clarify, the 65-foot motor yacht wasn't built by Lexus per se, but it was built in close concert between the car company and Marquis-Larson Boat Group. The Lexus LY 650 was built based on the success of the Lexus Sport Yacht concept and is actually going to go into production with Marquis-Larson handling building and servicing for the boats.

The LY 650 uses Lexus' L-Finesse design language, but thankfully they appear to have opted not to include the spindle grille which would likely frighten all the fish in the boat's path. Lexus is also not giving us any info as to the power plant for the yacht, beyond saying that all of its Toyota Ponam boats use a derivative of the Lexus 300Gd diesel, which we don't get here.

Just imagine all the urbane cocktails you could be swilling on the back of your Lexus yacht as you soak in the evening sun in Monaco. Or something.


Other details are scarce too, but given all of Lexus' talk about their takumi craftspeople and the reasons behind selecting Marquis-Larson, we expect the interior to be gorgeous. The LY 650 is supposed to make its official global debut sometime in 2019, and that's definitely a press launch we'd like to attend.

We better start shopping for boat shoes and embroidered shorts now, just in case.