Lexus GS bows out, exits production with Black Line special edition

The GS is on the way out, but a special edition will help mark its farewell.

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Sean Szymkowski
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Lexus GS Black Line edition
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Lexus GS Black Line edition

This is goodbye.


It's time to part ways with the Lexus GS. Just a few years shy of its 30th anniversary, Toyota's luxury division confirmed the GS will exit production at the end of this year.

As the luxury sedan comes to the end of its life, Lexus announced the GS Black Line Edition on Thursday, which adds some, well, black accents to the car. Based on the F Sport, there's a 3.5-liter V6 under the hood, and it's available with the standard rear-wheel drive layout or all-wheel drive. Yes, with the GS' departure, we have to kiss another RWD sedan so long. Sad times.

Lexus said the decline in sedan sales is to blame for the GS' death and underscored the car's been a very small mix of the brand's sedan sales overall. In 2019, the GS made up just 4% of all Lexus passenger car sales and a measly 0.88% of all midsize luxury sedan sales. Since 2018, sales are down by almost 50%.

Lexus GS Black Line edition is the sedan's farewell

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Those who want to partake in the GS' going-away party with the Black Line special edition will receive the choice of white or black exterior paint, black wheels and trim dipped in gloss black, too. Inside, designers opted for red accents that cover the door panels, seats, steering wheel and center console. Mixing the cabin materials up are splashes of Alcantara on the dashboard as well as carbon fiber.

Oh, and each car comes with a Zero Halliburton two-piece luggage set specially designed for the car.

Lexus only plans to make 200 GS Black Line models, but no word on pricing yet. Aside from the GS 350 F Sport, buyers should also check into the GS F with its V8 engine because it's the end of an era at Lexus.

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