Lego's super-detailed Caterham Seven 620R replica hits the road

At £49,926 less than the real thing, Lego's latest model may be the cheapest way to get your mitts on the deluxe British sports car.

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Luke Westaway
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Watch this: Up close with the Lego Caterham Seven

If building a full-size kit car sounds a little ambitious, Lego's newest replica might be more up your alley: A tiny version of the Caterham Seven 620R.

The full-sized version of this iconic British sports car -- whose maker is famed for its build-in-your-garage vehicles -- boasts a max speed of 155 mph, manages 0-60 in 2.79 seconds and costs £49,995 (roughly $66,000). The Lego replica has a few tricks up its exhaust pipes too, albeit ones that make substantially less noise.

Builders will bolt together a removable nose cone and engine cover, the latter of which reveals a minutely detailed replica engine. The trunk on this 11-inch model opens up too, and you can remove the wheels and seats if you fancy playing at being a miniature mechanic. Lego fans will be pleased to hear there are no stickers included in this set -- all the design details you can see are printed onto the bricks themselves.

Having been up close and personal I can say the Danish company's newest construction set is a strong mimic of the real thing -- click here for a photo of a real Caterham Seven 620R if you'd like to compare.


Many parts are removable, if you feel like giving your tiny 620R an upgrade. Perhaps some TIE Fighter wings?

Luke Westaway/CNET

The model has an interesting

too. It's the brainchild of Lego enthusiast (and designer for the Lego series of videogames) Carl Greatrix. He uploaded his design for a Lego Caterham Seven to Lego Ideas, which is the brickmaker's platform that lets fans submit concept sets they'd like to see on sale.

Having whipped up 10,000 votes, Lego got to work on building a version of the fan concept that could be boxed and sold, and several years later it's finally ready to hit the road.


You can open that trunk, but trust us, it's not so spacious.

Luke Westaway/CNET

The Lego Caterham Seven 620R set includes over 770 pieces and hits shop shelves on October 1, costing £69. Lego says an international release is possible -- that UK price converts to roughly $90.