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Model 3 much slower to 60 than Model S, Tesla doc reveals

A chart, which comes from Tesla sales, shows details of the upcoming Model 3 electric car compared to its big brother, the Model S.

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Tesla gained great acclaim, not to mention over 370,000 preorders, after announcing its Model 3 electric car last year. Now, details about this highly anticipated production car have come to light due to a sales brochure posted by the site Inside EVs.

The chart (below), which first appeared on the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club, compares the existing Model S with the Model 3, and will be used by Tesla sales staff to help buyers decide between the two sedans.

The key Model 3 details revealed on the chart include a 0 to 60 mph time of 5.6 seconds, a 15-inch center touchscreen as the only display, and a total of 14 cubic feet for combined front and rear cargo. And it points out that the Model S is substantially quicker, at 2.3 seconds, from zero to 60 mph.

The Model S proved a very popular car for Tesla, increasing the company's fan base and stock price, but at a base price of $69,500, it is limited to high-income buyers. Tesla also released its Model X SUV, which is even more expensive. The Model 3 is expected to base for about $35,000, making it much more affordable, especially when considering tax incentives and the price of electricity versus gasoline.

Many of the details shown in the chart are similar to what was seen at the launch event last year, including the single large screen in the center, which would need to show vehicle speed, as there is apparently no gauge cluster in front of the driver.

The cargo capacity comes off as similar to other cars in the Model 3's size class, such as the BMW 3-series.

The chart also notes more than 215 miles of range, in line with what Tesla announced at launch.

Oddly, the chart suggests the Model 3 will not have an aluminum body, which would make its manufacturing distinct from the aluminum-bodied Model S and Model X. That detail from the chart could also mean that the Model 3 will have an aluminum frame but steel body panels.

Deliveries of the Model 3 are set to begin in July.

This chart, sent out by Tesla, is intended to help buyers select between the Model S and Model 3.