Land Rover's 'pet pack' knows you'll overspend on your dog

$875 on a partition and a mat? I love my dog, but I don't know, dude.

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Land Rover

If you've ever owned a dog, odds are you've splurged on some probably overpriced item for said dog. If you happen to own a dog and a , perhaps it's best if you let ol' Rex bury your wallet in the backyard.

Land Rover is celebrating the Year of the Dog -- and the Year of Marketing to Dog Owners -- with a new set of "pet packs" for its vehicles. The pet pack is a two-piece kit that includes both a full-height partition for the cargo area, as well as either a rubber mat or a liner tray. That way, your dirty little one won't muck up the car's fancy leather.

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To be fair, the $800 on the pet pack is probably less expensive than whatever it would cost to get mud out of the leather.

Land Rover

Partitions and mats are hardly unique ideas in the automotive space, but it's nice to see ones that are custom built for a specific vehicle. Of course, with that level of personalization comes a Range Rover price tag -- prices for the pet pack are as "low" as £468 (or about $660) for the Discovery, going up to £623 (about $875) for the Range Rover Sport. Sure, that price includes both tax and installation, but that's still a not insignificant sum of money for some rubber and metal. Personally, I'm a fan of using an old bedspread, but then again, I don't own a Range Rover.

The automaker also noted that its adjustable rear air suspension can lower to make ingress and egress easier for older dogs, but that's an established part of Land Rover's tech and not unique to this. You can also, you know, pick up your dog. That works, too.

Expect to see plenty more dog content as the Year of the Dog kicks off. I, for one, won't be complaining -- except when it comes to the prices of some of these products.

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