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Lamborghini's long-awaited SUV will enter production this year

And it's got a name you may remember from Lamborghini's past.

Lamborghini's never officially committed to building a sport utility vehicle before, but that changed this year. It's coming.

The supercar manufacturer will start production on its first ever SUV later this year, Digital Trends reports, citing its interview with Stefano Domenicali, Lamborghini's CEO. The chief executive not only confirmed its production, he also confirmed it'll be called the Urus -- a name you may remember from years past.

If the Urus is even half as cool as the concept, it'll still be the gnarliest SUV on the road.


Domenicali hopes that the Urus will double Lamborghini's annual sales from 3,500 to 7,000, although there's plenty of work to do before then. He noted that it's important to train dealers and service staff about the new car and the additional attention that will come with it.

"It's a matrix of complexity that, for our dimension, is a big, big step," Domenicali told Digital Trends.

There's also a good chance we'll see the production version, or something very close to it, at the Geneva Motor Show in March. With production starting in April, Domenicali told DT that the public could expect to "learn a lot of things in the next couple weeks." Given that Geneva is home to a number of annual supercar debuts, including some of Lamborghini's own models, it would be a smart place to unveil a super-SUV.

Domenicali did let slip a few juicy details ahead of time, though. He promised the Urus will be able to go off-road, with a specific mode for "ice, snow, stones and sand." He also claimed the second variant of Urus to enter the market will be a hybrid, a first for the automaker.