Kia sketches sleek new Forte

In sketches released today, Kia shows off the next generation of the Forte compact sedan.

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Wayne Cunningham
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Kia has radically restyled its model lineup over the last five years, coming up with a consistent look for everything from SUVs to compact hatches. Renderings of the next-generation Forte (to be called the K3 in Korea) show further evolution of Kia's design language, which should point the way for other Kia models.

With its lack of door handles and side mirrors, the front and rear renderings show a model that greatly resembles a concept car. These necessities will surely be added by the time the new Forte makes a public appearance. Current Kia design traits, such as the tiger nose grille, are present in this design.

The current Forte shows more traditional upright sedan lines. These renderings suggest the next generation of the Forte will have a much more aggressive stance. The new Forte features a rising line toward the rear and high, flared fenders. The headlights include a separate piece just over the lenses that resembles an open eyelid.

The manner in which the A pillars rake backward and the rear roofline meets the trunk lip gives both windshield and back glass extreme angles. Blacked-out side window frames and an unbroken chrome strip around the side graphics make the whole side aperture look as if it were one piece.

As a replacement for the current model, the new Forte would benefit from recent Kia engine development. Instead of the current 2- and 2.4-liter engines available in the U.S., it would be a likely candidate for Kia's 1.6-liter direct-injection engine, also used by Hyundai in the Veloster.

As Kia specifically called these renderings out as being the new Forte, we would expect to see the actual new model debut at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show at the end of November, if not earlier.

Kia Forte
The car has a much more aggressive look than the current generation. Kia