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Kia now lets you book test drives from the comfort of your couch

The new Kia@Home program lets shoppers book a test drive from home and try out the vehicle in their own surroundings.

Long-term 2022 Kia Carnival
Test drives delivered to your door. The future is wild.
Sean Szymkowski/Roadshow

In select cities across the US, Kia will now let you book test drives at home without needing to visit a dealership. The brand on Monday announced its new Kia@Home program, so you can live your dream of having a Kia Carnival minivan delivered to your door.

You can't actually buy the car through the new Kia@Home program. Instead, a Kia@Home member will bring either a Carnival or Niro EV to your house for a one-hour-long experience. This includes a walk-around with a specialist and the in-depth test drive. Right now, the Niro EV and Carnival are the only vehicles available, too, so if you're looking at a Telluride, Stinger or something else, no dice.

If you like the experience and decide you want to own the car, the specialist will help set up a time to visit a local Kia dealership to make the purchase. Kia's only testing the waters with this program because this operation only runs through Oct. 3 as it stands. If you're looking at a Niro EV, the service is available in major cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and more. For the Carnival, people in Cleveland, Dallas, Orlando and others can book an appointment.