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Korea clearly gets the best Kia Carnival, complete with foot massagers and real drapes

Kia decked the Carnival out for full-on luxury vehicle duties with the Hi-Limousine variant, and we want one.

Kia Carnival Hi Limousine
This could make Genesis jealous.

Meet the Korean equivalent of a Cadillac Escalade picking you up at the airport: the Kia Carnival Hi-Limousine, which comes with foot massagers, real drapes to escape the outside, a seat back-mounted air purifier for only the freshest air, and so much more. The brand revealed the Carnival-based limousine on Monday and it's no joke. This is quite the premium machine.

The van still seats a driver and a front passenger, plus there's two captain's chairs and a bench in the third row, but there's ample space in the rear for all passengers. Pictured is the four-seat version, which deletes the third row for even more space. And that's the way to go for this vehicle, guys. If you didn't notice, the van also gets a roof extension complete with mood lighting up top because that's luxury, baby. A large white lamp is for rear passengers who would like additional lighting while reading, working or any other tasks taken up in the back of a Carnival Hi-Limousine.

Big-time comfy.


Aside from these lovely amenities baked in for passengers, they also receive heated and cooled cup holders for beverages, a cubby for said beverages with heating and cooling capabilities, a 21.5-inch monitor for entertainment and the aforementioned pleated curtains for privacy. A 7-inch touchscreen controller handles multiple rear seat functions and you can do it all while enjoying quilted Nappa leather.

While the familiar 3.5-liter V6 powers the limo, Kia engineers retuned the suspension for an even plushier, coddling ride. Roadshow's long-term Carnival is already a super comfy thing, so I can't imagine how lovely it is to ride in one of these.

At current exchange rates, the Hi-Limousine isn't a cheap thing. Prices start at roughly $76,000, but seriously, how could you not love this plush van?