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Katherine Legge's near-fatal crash

In today's installment of my tribute to the brave women of auto racing, we see British driver Katherine Legge survive a near-fatal crash at Road America.

Oftentimes we spectators forget how perilous it can be for a race car driver whizzing down the track at triple-digit speeds. Man or woman, a crash can be very scary. So, in today's edition of my blog tribute to women in car racing I present a near-fatal crash video featuring British Champ Car driver Katherine Legge.

This video comes from the 2006 Champ Car race at Road America, where a broken rear wing drives Legge into a tailspin that sends her car flipping over and into a wall, catching fire, and breaking into countless pieces. Amazingly, Legge comes out of the crash relatively unscathed and smiling for the cameras as she conducts a post-crash interview straight out of the medical facility. Coming out of such a devastating wreck with the class, mind frame, and sportsmanship that Katherine Legge displays is a testament to her dedication to competition and her guts. She deals with near-fatality just as well as (if not better than) her male counterparts.