Juiced Bikes HyperScrambler 2's new dual battery doubles your distance and fun

More distance, speed and power.

Joseph Kaminski Senior Associate Technology Editor / Reviews
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Joseph Kaminski
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The black and aluminum finish dual-battery HyperScrambler 2 from Juiced Bikes.

Juiced Bikes

Juiced Bikes' Scrambler line is one of my personal e-bike favorites for its unique style, performance and handling. It was missing one feature that I love on the company's Scorpion bikes, though: a massive halo motorcycle-style headlight. The Scorpion also had front and rear shocks to the Scrambler's front-only shocks. Now, Juiced has upped the ante with the HyperScrambler 2, which has that headlight, dual shocks and a whole lot more. 

Like the new moped-style HyperScorpion that went into production earlier this year, the HyperScrambler 2 has a 1,000-watt rear hub motor, dual suspension, signal lights, tail lights that brighten when braking, hydraulic brakes, a loud horn, rearview mirrors and a 2,000-lumen LED motorcycle-style headlight. 

Where the HyperScrambler 2 really goes next-level is with the dual-battery option so you can, finally, ride all day without stopping at an electrical outlet. Juiced says the two batteries will give you a riding range of more than 100 miles with speeds up to 30 mph. The 60-tooth chainring in the front and an eight-speed cassette in the rear give you more ways to use or conserve battery. 

Juiced Bikes

Riders also have the option to use one or both batteries while riding. If using both, the bike's intelligent dual-battery balancer pulls from both packs proportionally no matter the charge level of each battery. Both batteries are able to be charged up to 80% within a couple of hours using fast chargers. And, like the HyperScorpion, the HyperScrambler requires a key to turn it on, which is also the same for unlocking the battery from the frame. 

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At launch, the HyperScambler 2 will come in two colors -- brushed aluminum and black -- with more to be announced down the line. 

Juiced Bikes

Preorders for the HyperScambler 2 will begin Sept. 23 with the first 200 buyers receiving their bikes in early November. The preorder discounted price is $2,499 for the single-battery model and $2,999 for the dual-battery version. Once the HyperScrambler 2 is fully in stock the prices will be $2,999 for the single- and $3,999 for the dual-battery package. 

The Scrambler has always appealed to me. The original was a fun ride and I have fond memories of riding it around New York with my daughter seated in front of me on its extended seat. I'll be testing the HyperScrambler 2 out soon for a full review along with the HyperScorpion, so stay tuned for a full report on what both of these bikes have to offer.