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Jeep Wave loyalty program and subscription service launching in 2019

The pilot program will allow owners and subscribers to borrow select Fiat Chrysler vehicles and reward owners for purchases.

Jeep, FCA

Jeep is the latest automaker to begin experimenting with automotive subscription programs with the announcement of its Jeep Wave program, which it will begin piloting in 2019.

Wave is a sort of umbrella term for two parts of Jeep's future initiatives. It's part "loyalty program" and connected car strategy and part subscription-based ownership alternative à la services like Care by Volvo.

The loyalty aspect grants "Jeep Coins" to buyers of Hawk models -- Trailhawk, Trackhawk and soon Deserthawk -- and Wrangler models when they purchase their vehicles. Those coins can then be used to borrow other FCA products. A Wrangler owner would, for example, be able to borrow a Ram 1500 if they need to complete a big landscaping or hauling project. Additional Jeep Coins would be available for purchase if owners needed ongoing or additional access.

There are also Jeep community and social aspects to Wave, including connections with Jeep clubs, trail meets and other loyalty generating programs. In keeping with Jeep's plans for 100-percent connected vehicles by 2020, the automaker will also begin piloting services like over-the-air software updates, in-car payments for things like parking and tolls and security services under the Jeep Wave banner.

The more traditional subscription part of the service will come with a monthly fee that grants access to a fleet of FCA vehicles. Subscriptions should include use-based insurance and everything needed to hit the road. Three tiers -- Good, Better and Best -- will determine what vehicles subscribers have access to as well as granting access to additional services such as 24-hour concierge.

Jeep expects to begin piloting the Jeep Wave loyalty program in North America in 2019 with a roll out of the subscription-based portion of the program launching later that same year.