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Jeep E-Bike shows up in Super Bowl ad with Bill Murray

The QuietKat-powered electric bike made an appearance in Jeep's celebration of Groundhog Day.

Jeep E-Bike
Strap this onto your Wrangler for maximum adventure.

Jeep is expanding its offerings in the US. No, it's not a new four-wheeled vehicle, but instead, it's an electric bike.

The E-Bike made its debut during Jeep's comedic Super Bowl ad, which sees Bill Murray return to Groundhog Day with the Jeep Gladiator. As the spot launched this morning ahead of its debut during the big game, Jeep has launched a consumer site providing the first bits of information about the new electric bicycle.

According to the off-road brand, this model features power from QuietKat, another E-Bike brand. This particular bike will sport a 750 watt electric motor and a battery that provides 40 miles of range. We don't know any other technical specs yet and Jeep didn't immediately return a request for comment.

Onboard is QuietKat's Fire-Link suspension, a four-bar linkage, and four-piston hydraulic brakes. Jeep and QuietKat promise this rugged E-Bike will be the perfect companion to a Jeep for when the off-road path ends, but there's still adventure ahead.

Jeep has actually sold E-Bikes previously, but this will be the first time they reach the US. A quick search shows they've been sold in South Africa previously. Although Jeep didn't supply any additional information right now, we'll have more information this spring before the electric bike launches in June.

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