Jaguar redesigns Santa's sleigh, reindeer mysteriously absent

Seriously, who designs a sleigh that moves under its own propulsion?

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok
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Jaguar F-Sleigh
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Jaguar F-Sleigh

Maybe they pulled a chapter from Dr. Moreau's playbook and turned Rudolph into the sleigh. Or maybe we should lay off the eggnog.


Let's face it -- Santa's sleigh is a little rickety. Being driven hard and put away wet for 364 days straight, after accruing millions of miles in that single night, will have that effect on a vehicle. Thankfully, Jaguar is stepping in and offering Old Saint Nick something a bit newer and fancier.

Enter the F-Sleigh. It's based on the same general principle as Santa's current ride -- you know, flying around, delivering presents, the whole nine yards -- but it's just a bit fancier than before. A quick look at the concept's sketch shows a general similarity to the F-Type's silhouette, albeit with skates instead of wheels and a larger trunk, because the F-Type's trunk can barely accommodate presents for one family, nonetheless millions.

Perhaps the most interesting (or most troubling) part of the F-Sleigh is the reindeer, or rather, the lack thereof. The F-Sleigh has a red nose up front and some antlers fixed to its side mirrors, but Jaguar was quick to note that the F-Sleigh is actually operating under jet power. Jaguar claims it's a tie-in to the F-Type's supercharged motors, but we suspect much more nefarious motives at play.

Were the reindeer given the day off this year? Did PETA sneak up to the North Pole and open their pens? Will the introduction of the F-Sleigh force us to strike Rudolph and company from the Christmas canon going forward?

Jaguar did not immediately return a request for clarification as to the whereabouts of the reindeer (and, to be honest, we don't blame 'em). For the time being, we're operating under the impression that Santa's contract renegotiation with the Reindeer Sleigh-Pullers Union did not go as planned.