iPad docks coming to BMW X3

Here's a clever (and horribly overdue) idea -- German motor company BMW is all set to install iPad mounting brackets in the rear of its next X3 baby 4x4.

Rory Reid
2 min read

Here's a clever (and horribly overdue) idea -- BMW's set to install iPad mounting brackets in the rear of its next X3 compact 4x4. Three cheers for common sense!

The brackets -- an optional extra -- will allow users to mount their iPads in the rear of the vehicle, just behind the driver or passenger seats. A special hinge will let the wonder tablets swivel into vertical and horizontal positions.

With a system like this, the entertainment and productivity possibilities are pretty much endless. Passengers will be able to use their iPads to enjoy music, videos, books, as well as thousands of apps and games.

Most interesting of all, perhaps, is the fact those with iPad 3Gs will be able to browse the Internet as well as access streaming music services such as Spotify while the vehicle is in motion. Admittedly, mobile broadband connectivity is pretty shaky when you're on the move, but it's handy to have the option.

BMW could be killing its own hyper-expensive rear-seat entertainment accessory add-ons, which can cost in the region of £1,600. For the same money, BMW owners could buy three iPads and a netbook, and still have enough money left over for a couple of tanks of petrol.

Sadly, it's unlikely BMW will be releasing a front-mounted iPad bracket any time soon. Various manufacturers have pondered this in the past, but most have nixed the idea as the high reflectivity of the iPad's 9.7-inch display can cause serious amounts glare that could impede the driver's vision.

BMW's issued no word on pricing for the brackets at the time of writing, but we're willing to bet they won't come cheap. Either way, we'll bring you more details, including some hands-on pics, when the 2010 Paris Motor Show kicks off next week.