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Infrastructure bill will mandate tech to stop drunk driving

The mandate made its way into the final version of the bill after the Senate passed it this past summer.

Although the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill now heading for President Joe Biden's signature this coming Monday focuses on major investments in infrastructure, a notable mandate will soon become law. Included in the final bill that cleared the US House this past weekend is a mandate for technology to prevent drunk driving. The Associated Press first reported on the mandate making its way into the final legislation on Tuesday.

We first heard about the mandate back in August after the infrastructure bill passed the Senate, but the mandate survived months of negotiations and a stall in the House. Automakers will be required to find a solution to this mandate as early as 2026. The Department of Transportation will first need to work out the best solution to the mandate and provide automakers ample time to comply with the new rule. If the department doesn't finalize any rules in 10 years, it'll need to report back to Congress on the hurdles for reevaluation. 

Right now, the rules should be ready within three years, with a two-year period for automakers to get onboard and install future tech to prevent drunk driving. It's not clear what this tech will be. Anything from a passive breathalyzer to a skin sensor in the gear shift to infrared cameras that monitor a driver's behavior and look for signs of intoxication could be part of the mandate.

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