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Infiniti's EV looks sketchy

Infiniti releases a sketch of an electric car it is planning for 2013.

Infiniti electric car sketch
Infiniti released this sketch of an electric car it intends to launch in 2013. Infiniti

Teasing its electric car slated for 2013, Infiniti showed a drawing of how it might look.

The sketch shows a more cab-forward design than current Infiniti models, likely due to the lesser need for space under the hood. Departing from Infiniti's design language, the hood comes up higher than the fenders and a substantial contour line stretches down the sides.

The wheels are oversized, but designers typically put large wheels on concepts.

Infiniti does not have much to say about the car, merely describing it as a "stylish, compact, high performance, five-seat luxury car." The term "compact" suggests it will be smaller than current Infiniti models.

As Infiniti is the luxury division of Nissan, maker of the Leaf electric car, the Infiniti EV will most likely use a version of the Leaf's electric powertrain. If Infiniti holds to the idea that its electric car will be "high performance", it will need either a more robust battery pack or more powerful electric motor than the Leaf.