The radical Hyundai Vision T concept is a plug-in preview of the next-gen Tucson

Hyundai isn't saying as much, but the upcoming Tucson should look just like this, light-up grille and all.

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Is that you, next-generation Tucson?

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has been on a roll in terms of design lately -- just look at the extravagant new Sonata . Its latest concept is another standout: it's the Vision T, which debuted Wednesday at the Los Angeles Auto Show . While Hyundai might not be coming out and admitting it, the Vision T is a close preview of what to expect from the next-generation crossover. Excellent.

The matte-green Vision T uses an evolution of Hyundai's "sensuous sportiness" design language, bringing what Hyundai calls "Parametric Fantasy" and "Transcendent Connectivity" as sub-themes. I'm not gonna try and explain what the company means by that -- basically, the Vision T is very angular. It seems even more Lamborghini-influenced than own , and it works. There are sharp creases, bulging fenders and lots of abrupt surface changes. I especially like the roofline, with its frameless glass, spear-like satin chrome window trim and rakish rear hatch.


I'm obsessed with this.


Its main party piece is the front grille, which is made up of many triangular and trapezoidal panels that are all active shutters, opening for better airflow when the car is in motion. The Vision T also has "hidden" lights thanks to a half-mirror system, which gives the illusion of the lights being part of the grille when the car is off. Given that a very similar setup just debuted on the production Grandeur facelift, it's a sure bet the production Tucson will use this grille/headlight design. A light bar connects the thin taillights, which also appear hidden when off.

Compared to the current Tucson, the Vision T is 5.3 inches longer overall and rides on a 5.3-inch-longer wheelbase. It's also a lot wider (chalk that up to concept-car proportions) and a few inches taller (chalk that up to massive concept-car wheels). If the Vision T's dimensions are accurate to the production car, the next-gen Tucson would be a lot closer in size to the next-class-up crossover.

As evidenced by a charging port hidden in the rear fender flare, the Vision T uses a plug-in-hybrid powertrain. Hyundai doesn't give any details about the setup, but we think it's a good indication the production Tucson will receive one. The charging port is surrounded by a ring of lights that show the charge level, with a complete circle signaling a full charge.

We'll get to ogle the Vision T at the LA show and hopefully learn more details about the Vision T and its powertrain, and what it really means for Hyundai's upcoming crossovers.

The Hyundai Vision T concept has lots of angles and a lit-up grille

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