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Hyundai Kona N reveal scheduled for end of April

The performance SUV will come to the US and share a 275-horsepower engine with the Veloster N.

Yeah, it looks good.

Years of speculation will come to a close on April 27 when the Hyundai Kona N shows its face. The brand said on Thursday the performance SUV will make a global debut that day and we'll finally get the juicy details surrounding what will surely be the coolest version of the Kona.

Hyundai didn't leave much to the imagination, though. Last month, we saw teaser images of the Kona N that essentially showed the car in full. The good news is the SUV looks properly sporty, like a tall hatchback with larger intakes, a unique grille pattern and big dual exhaust outlets. As far as the sporty elements go, Hyundai's done a good job making the Kona N look the part.

All the show won't be without the go, though. Expect the SUV to share the Veloster N's turbocharged inline-four, which makes 275 horsepower with an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission onboard. It's quite a peppy powertrain in the Veloster, and it should be a riot here, too. What's unclear is if we'll see all-wheel drive, or if the Kona N will stick with front-wheel drive like its hatchback counterpart.

Nevertheless, the Kona N has many intrigued here on the Roadshow staff and we can't wait to see the machine uncovered.