The Hyundai Ioniq 6 Has a Fold-Out Table With USB-C Ports

The Korean automaker appears to be launching a line of unique accessories to complement its growing lineup of Ioniq electric vehicles.

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Woman in driver's seat using a camera and laptop with the deployable Ioniq 6 Smart Table

Hyundai appears to be developing a line of "Ioniq Lifestyle" accessories for its growing family of dedicated battery electric vehicles. In a video shown to journalists that highlights the new Ioniq 6 electric sedan's standout features, the automaker gives us a peek at one of the first accessories on the horizon: the Ioniq Smart Table.  

Hyundai tells us that the Ioniq 6 is targeted at young, single professionals who may be more likely to work, consume or create media on the go. So the sedan's fixed center console is designed to be wide enough to accommodate a laptop when the vehicle is parked -- as opposed to the sliding console in the Ioniq 5, which is designed for more flexible, open "family space." But the future digital nomads the automaker is courting with the Ioniq 6 may require yet more space for their work and gadgets. This is where the Ioniq Smart Table comes in.

closeup screenshots of the Ioniq 6 Smart Table's foldable wings

In the clip, we can see the foldable wings and three USB type-C ports.


In the video, an actor portraying a mobile influencer is shown snapping the deployable work surface into the Ioniq 6's center console before folding it out into a wide, flat tabletop. The foldable wings appear to be able to slide forward or back for better positioning around passengers in the front seats and the top surface is finished with a rubberized pixel pattern that echoes the Ioniq design language.

Something that makes the Smart Table smart is how it appears to connect to the Ioniq 6's onboard power -- likely the 110-volt/220-volt AC inverter beneath the rear seats -- supplying enough power to its three USB type-C ports to charge a laptop and a mirrorless camera during the demonstrated streaming session. The Ioniq 6 already features four USB type-C ports, but Smart Table's centralized trio should help prevent the need to stretch cables across the cabin and may offer faster, more powerful charging than the built-in ports. 

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Disclaimers at the bottom of the video remind us that "images are filmed safely with a complete stop" and Hyundai representatives specified that owners should only take advantage of the Ioniq 6's mobile workspace amenities while parked, perhaps during an 18-minute DC fast-charging session from 10% to 80% at certain stations.

The preview clip also briefly showcases a glossy white and gray Ioniq Lifestyle Power Strip that the actor uses to power a hair-straightening iron. I asked Hyundai for more details about the Smart Table, its compatibility with other Ioniq vehicles and any other Ioniq Lifestyle accessories on the horizon and was told to expect a full accessory list for the US market when the Ioniq 6 makes its North American debut in November.