Hyundai dips into crazy for its nitrous-fed SEMA concept

Maybe, one day, Hyundai will actually translate some of that fun over to its road cars.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok
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Hyundai's cars aren't exactly wild and crazy guys -- if anything, they're a bit more Church Lady. But the company's concepts are often ludicrous, and its latest entrant for the SEMA aftermarket show is no exception.

For this year's SEMA show (that's the Specialty Equipment Market Association, in case you aren't familiar), which kicks off the first week of November, Hyundai teamed up with Rockstar Performance Garage to create the Rockstar Santa Fe Concept. It's meant to be an off-road capable Santa Fe (pause for laughing) with attitude, like a sports drink in the 1990s, I think. Either way, it's a beast.

Under the hood is Hyundai's 3.3-liter V6, but a few key bits aid its power output. Namely, a big-ol' nitrous system, which feeds nitrous oxide into the combustion chamber to boost power output to a likely ludicrous (but not yet published) figure. Other supporting bits exist underhood, as well, including a new cooling system, new exhaust and a cold air intake.

The majority of its modifications lie within the realms of aesthetics and off-road capability. King suspension components and a custom tie-rod and control-arm setup push the Santa Fe high up enough to fit 35-inch off-road tires under the body; 17-inch bead-locking wheels ensure minimal slippage during rock crawling. The concept will shine some light on the road ahead by way of custom headlights, taillights and LED lighting galore.

Hope and pray all you want, but you're never going to see something like this in a Hyundai dealership -- or any dealership, for that matter. Of course, if your budget matches that of a multinational corporation, you can always go build one yourself. Or, if you're a bit more budget-constrained, you can head to SEMA beginning November 1 in Las Vegas and check this concept out in person.