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You can shop for your next Hyundai with Amazon

Yep, a digital showroom for new Hyundais now exists on Amazon.

Start the car buying process on Amazon? Wild times.


Hyundai and Amazon are ready to team up and they're hoping to make car purchases even easier. On Thursday, both companies announced a new partnership that will create the Hyundai Evolve digital showroom. There, you can configure a new Hyundai, estimate the vehicle's sale price and search for real-time inventory matches. Additionally, the Amazon-based showroom will funnel customers to local dealerships to complete a sale. 

This type of ordeal isn't totally new. Hyundai launched a basic experience on Amazon back in 2018, but Hyundai Evolve takes it further to help digitalize the car buying experience. Hopefully, it'll be as straightforward as signing the papers at the dealer and everything else will be easy as pie. Hyundai said the COVID-19 pandemic showed that people want flexibility when it comes to buying any item. Cars are no different, hence the creation of this more seamless process.

Numerous automakers began diving more into online car sales and digitalizing the process more. In fact, home delivery is a more common process, born out of the pandemic. These types of online retail partnerships may not become commonplace overnight, but with each announcement, it certainly seems they're not going away.