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Hybrids, EVs and fuel cell vehicles make up most of Ward's 2019 10 best engines

There may not be any high-dollar, screaming exotica but the variety of powertrains on the list has never been greater.

The Kona Electric is packing a potent little powerplant under its hood and it's one of the best new EV's on the market because of it.


Every year around this time, we automotive enthusiasts, nerds and ne'er-do-wells gather around our computers in anticipation of the release of Ward's 10 best engines list and now the 2019 installment is finally here. There isn't anything in the way of high-buck exotica this time around but the list is packed with hybrids, diesels, EVs and even a fuel cell vehicle.

Car makers from around the world are on the list including a strong showing from the US and Korea, proving that Germany no longer holds all the cars when it comes to engineering awesome engines. We've driven all of the cars on the list and found ourselves agreeing with the fine folks at Ward's more often than not, so strap in and let us know what you think of the picks this year!