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YouTube user: PHKOSUGI

How to ruin a perfectly good Ferrari 458 Italia (video)

One supercar owner proves that money buys a lot of things, but it doesn't buy taste.

Ferrari 468 Italia
When spending a ton of money on an Italian supercar isn't enough, why not spend a bit more to crap it up? YouTube user: PHKOSUGI

Money buys a lot of things. Rake together enough dough and it can buy you the $226,000 Ferrari 458 Italia--an impressive bit of Italian engineering on wheels with a Pininfarina-penned design that would be seriously difficult to improve upon.

However, the 458 Italia owner in the video below proudly proves that if there's one thing that money can't buy, it's taste. He (or she) has fitted the Italian supercar with underglow lighting and strobes that would look right at home on the set of 2001's The Fast and the Furious. Check out the video below to see what too much money and not enough class gets you.