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How to adjust your driver's seat like a pro

Everyone gets this wrong. Now you won't.

Brian Cooley Editor at Large
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Brian Cooley
Watch this: How to adjust your driver's seat

Most of us adjust our driver's seat the way most of us play craps: Just move everything around and see if it works out OK. There is a better way, documented by the driving ergonomics team at Loughborough University in Leicestershire, England. I love three-step lists, unfortunately seats today are too complicated for that. Try seven.

7 tips for adjusting your seat

  • Raise your seat height so you can see clearly over the wheel, dash and hood.
  • Move the seat track until you have a comfortable bend at the knee.
  • Adjust the cushion tilt until you have even pressure from butt to hamstring.
  • Ditto for the seat back: Angle it for support from pelvis to shoulder blades. Tweak the lumber support to fill in gaps.
  • Adjust the top of the headrest so it's in line with the top of your ears.
  • Bring the lap belt low across your pelvis, the shoulder belt across the middle of your collar bone.
  • Adjust the side mirrors out so you just see the edge of the car's body, no more.

Getting your seat adjusted properly should finally put an end to those road trip cramps and, more importantly, give you the greatest amount of driver performance combined with the most benefit of things like seat belts, airbags and bolsters meant to keep you safe in a collision.