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Honda's 'horn emojis' are eerily unsettling

Thankfully, it's just a premature April Fools' Day prank.

Because you can't convince writers to pay attention to press releases on a Saturday, automakers are rolling out the April Fools' Day pranks a bit early. Honda's up next with... horn emojis?

Trying to communicate with horn honks is not easy. A single tone, broken up only by how quickly the driver can tap the steering wheel. Sure, long honks and short honks carry different meanings, but Honda's "idea" changes that with several new buttons that better convey a driver's emotion.

I don't know if it's because I'm used to just a single horn tone, but the wild sounds coming from this fake advertisement are freaking me out. I didn't realize there was an uncanny valley for horns, but here we are.

Honda also used the "ad" to show off its forthcoming 2018 Odyssey. Of course, the only thing it shows off is a system that doesn't exist, but that's April Fools' Day for you.