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Honda's ditching diesel in Europe by 2021, report says

This move shows that Honda is doubling down on the plan to go electric, starting with the Honda E.

Honda wants to see diesel go the way of the dodo in Europe, and the adorable Honda E is the first nail in the coffin.
Andrew Hoyle/Roadshow

Did you know that Honda sells diesel-powered vehicles in Europe? I didn't, but then again I also didn't know that Honda sold a rebadged version of the Series 1 Land Rover Discovery, aka the least Honda-like vehicle ever, in the 1990s, but I digress.

The thing about Honda's diesel vehicle sales in Europe is that they're about to end. See, it turns out that diesel isn't a good look on a company that prides itself on efficiency and environmental friendliness -- Honda makes an engine called Earth Dreams, after all.

According to a report Monday by Reuters, Honda will discontinue sales of all of its diesel products in Europe by 2021 with the end goal of electrifying its whole lineup there by 2025. 

That's a pretty lofty goal considering that Honda doesn't necessarily offer the kind of variety of hybrid models that its rival Toyota does, nor does it have the electric vehicle manufacturing experience of Nissan. That said, Honda does have its little E city car coming to market there before too long.

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