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Honda builds 'Shogo' electric ride-on for kids in the hospital

It's got mounts for IV bags and pumps, and even a horn that makes inspirational sounds.

Nobody likes being in the hospital. Even as an adult, it can be depressing and scary, and it's probably a whole lot worse for a sick kid. Honda wants to help make things a little easier for those sick kids, and it's done so by creating an electric ride-on car made especially for hospital use. It's called Shogo, and Honda announced it on Monday.

The ride-on looks a lot like other ride-on electric vehicles, but Honda built it from the ground up to be used in a hospital environment. Shogo is controlled via a steering wheel with two big paddles for forward and reverse. It's also got a caster system on the back that can disengage the drive wheels, should things get a little squirrely behind the wheel.

Next, it's got a stand/rack system that comes out of the back to hold not only an IV bag but a whole infusion pump setup, so kids that need IV meds or fluids don't have to disconnect to drive. That same rack system also has a handle that allows hospital personnel to push the car if needed.

Shogo is meant to let kids drive themselves between their various appointments inside the hospital, and it's already in use at Children's Health of Orange County hospital in California. 

It's all pretty heartwarming, and we hope Honda makes more of these for other hospitals so that more kids can get in on the fun. Still, if we were going to offer any notes to the automaker for future iterations, we'd recommend VTEC sounds, because you may as well get the kids hooked early.

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