Honda Civic Type R morphs into production guise for Geneva

Also making an appearance are the Clarity Fuel Cell and NeuV concept from CES 2017.

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When Honda first debuted the Civic Type R, it did so in prototype form. Now, at the Geneva Motor Show, we'll get to see the Type R in its production form for the first time.

The centerpiece of Honda's show will be the production Civic Type R. It starts production this summer at Honda's manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom, and it will be shipped around the world to various markets, including the US. That'll mark the first time a Honda-branded Type R has reached the US.

Honda Civic Type R Prototype
Enlarge Image
Honda Civic Type R Prototype

I imagine it will look exactly like this, but with actual paint and less tint on the windows.


We still don't know how much power it will make, but we do know that power will come from a 2.0-liter, turbocharged I4 engine. It's guaranteed to be front-wheel drive, in line with all previous Civic Type R models. So long as you don't mind garish styling, it'll be a stunner.

Honda will also bring two other vehicles to display in Geneva. The Clarity Fuel Cell, which we've already driven, is Honda's next hydrogen fuel cell EV. With a range and fill-up time comparable to a gas-powered car, Honda's hoping the Clarity will spark a greater interest in hydrogen cars. The Clarity will also spawn battery-electric and hybrid variants later on.

The third vehicle heading to Switzerland is the NeuV concept. Originally shown at CES 2017, the NeuV is a battery-electric vehicle built with sharing in mind. Not only can it be loaned out to other drivers when it isn't in use, the electricity it produces can be sent back to the grid to help ease the load during peak hours. The NeuV is also loaded with an artificial intelligence "emotion engine" that can read the driver's emotions and respond in kind.

Geneva is usually all about supercars, but Honda's booth should be a bit more applicable to everyday life -- unless you're a millionaire playboy, of course.

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