Honda's CES 2019 booth will be loaded with robots once again

Their goal is to contribute to a "cleaner, safer and more convenient world."

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Last year, used CES to debut four robots that wanted to appeal to your emotions. This year, it has more robots, but with different purposes.

Honda will debut a slew of concepts at CES 2019 in January in Las Vegas. Honda says the goal of these technologies is to "create a cleaner, safer and more convenient world." The concepts range from robots to mobility tech.

Autonomy: Hitting the dirt, no humans required

The Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle actually debuted at last year's CES under the clunky name 3E-D18. This year, it's back with a more straightforward name, and Honda will be showing off real world testing scenarios where the vehicle could work alongside and benefit humans.

Like last year, the robot itself is basically an ATV skateboard, to which a variety of specialized components can be attached based on its use. It has four-wheel drive, and it's capable of navigating terrain on its own thanks to sensors and GPS. Need to carry some heavy kit across tricky terrain? This is the robot for the job.

Thus far, the Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle has been tested with solar companies and firefighters, in addition to an environmental sciences college. The automaker is on the hunt for even more partners so Honda can develop even more attachments for the vehicle, making it even more useful across various industries. 

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It looks like this unmanned ATV picked up a new paint job in the last year, too.


Robots: Movement in all directions

Like last year, Honda's other robots will also focus on improving the quality of life for people. There aren't too many concrete examples for how these robots could chip in just yet, but to that end, Honda's hard at work looking for development partners.

It will show off its artificial intelligence development with the P.A.T.H. (Predicting Action of The Human) Bot, which uses cameras and sensors to make its way through crowds without bothering people. It will also debut an omni-directional drive system, an evolution of the system on the Uni-Cub, Honda's self-balancing scooter thing.

The automaker will also debut its Honda RaaS (Robotics as a Service) Platform, which Honda promises will speed up development of future robots. It covers common functions like communication and data sharing so that future robots can work together without complex one-off solutions. Think of it as similar to a vehicle platform, but for robot development.

There's more in store at Honda's CES 2019 booth, including some transportation-oriented tech, so keep your eyes peeled to Roadshow. We'll be on the ground in Las Vegas, bringing you all the interesting stuff we can find.

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