Honda chops the CR-V's top for April Fools' Day

Honda's UK team got a little weird with it this year.


Convertible SUVs are, bafflingly, a thing people buy. But what about a utility vehicle that lacks any top whatsoever? That's what Honda is trying to pimp for April Fools' Day this year, which is coming up on Sunday.

Honda's UK team showed off the Concept CR-V Roadster, which is basically just a UK-spec CR-V crossover that's had its roof removed. There's no soft top in its place or anything, it's just wide open. "This innovative design makes it a vehicle purely for sunnier climates and therefore completely useless for the two-day British summer," Honda wrote in its press release.

April Fools' Day for the auto industry usually involves some Photoshop, not an actual saw.


Of course, there are ramifications for removing the entire top half of a vehicle's safety cell. It lacks both B and C pillars, and as Honda notes, "The structural rigidity of the car has been reduced overall by approximately 100 percent, currently rendering it completely undrivable."

Undrivable? Sounds like a challenge to me.

While it might lack some things that the Range Rover Evoque Convertible and Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet -- namely, road-legal status and any desirability whatsoever -- it's a fun little April Fools' Day joke that didn't require much more than a reciprocating saw and a tetanus booster or two.

This definitely happened. Whether we're all the better for it remains to be seen.