Here's your first look at the Karma Revero plug-in hybrid

The rejiggered Fisker Karma jumps out from behind the curtain ahead of its actual debut later this year.

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Karma Revero
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Karma Revero

I could have put a picture of the old Fisker Karma here, and most folks wouldn't have been able to tell the difference.

Karma Automotive

The Karma Revero was supposed to debut later this year, but clearly, Karma Automotive couldn't handle waiting any longer. The new automaker, born from the ashes of Fisker, has given us a quick peek at its plug-in hybrid ahead of its reveal later this year. It hasn't changed much from before, but that's largely a good thing.

One quick look at the picture of the Revero, and you might say to yourself, "Hey, this looks just like a Fisker Karma." Truth be told, aside from a few slight tweaks to badges and aero, the two are largely the same at a quick glance.

Karma's site is keen to note a few specific alterations, though. Its badges are all hand painted, meant to signify dedication to craftsmanship...or something. The Fisker Karma's solar roof didn't add that much range even on a sunny day, but Karma claims that the Revero's new solar roof is able to "create enough energy to power the car." That's a hell of a technological leap, if you even believe it.

The Revero is also packing a new infotainment system. It doesn't appear to be a skin of any existing system, and Karma claims it's quite intuitive. At the least, it looks pretty slick.

Karma Automotive is actually an arm of Wangxiang, a Chinese auto-parts manufacturer that bought up Fisker's assets. Since then, it's been working to develop the Revero, and while it may look the same as before, its underpinnings are based on BMW's hybrid technology. We'll get more specifics on the car closer to its debut.