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Here's what it takes to turn a pickup into a police vehicle

Ford's F-150 Special Service Vehicle is more than just a light-duty truck with a big ol' "Police" badge on the side.

It's not a subtle vehicle, but nevertheless, it's not one you'd expect to pull you over.


Have you ever seen red and blue lights in your rearview, only to realize that you've been rolled by a pickup truck? In certain jurisdictions, officers utilize a wide variety of vehicles. Just like standard sedans and SUVs, you can't just slap vinyl on a vehicle from a dealership and call it a day. Enter the Ford F-150 Special Service Vehicle.

The F-150 SSV (for brevity's sake) is built to serve, whether it's the local constabulary, a roadside-assistance company or whatever other fleet requires such a truck. Buyers can outfit the truck with SuperCab (extended cab) or SuperCrew (crew cab) bodies. Two engines are on offer: a 5.0-liter V-8 or a 3.5-liter, turbocharged V-6. Four-wheel and rear-wheel drivetrains are available, as well.

In order to ready the vehicle for a life of hard work, Ford traded some comfort bits for extra utility. The floors are vinyl, as is the rear bench seat. The standard alternator has been replaced with a 240-amp unit, and the front seats lack a center console. That extra gap up front allows for plenty of customization, as you can see below in a police-spec F-150 SSV.

2016 F-150 Special Service Vehicle

Plenty of room for activities!


If a truck isn't what you're after, Ford will gussy up a number of other vehicles to your fleet-heart's desire. That includes the pre-facelift Expedition, a Transit built specifically for prisoner transport, and a four-cylinder Taurus PPV for green-minded five-o.

Sadly, it appears that Ford's new low-profile LED light bar is not an option, which is a shame. Like we said, nobody thinks twice about the pickup truck slowly catching up to them in traffic.